nautical inspection solutions

The fast, efficient and affordable subsea and aerial inspection service

What we offer

Underwater drone inspections 

Basic Inspections start at £175 and will increase with complexity and distance travelled. 
There's no surcharge for the central belt of Scotland: Dunbar to Largs.

aerial drone inspections

£125 within the central belt.
Small surcharge applies to further afield.

photographic services

Staff headshots, publicity and social media content etc

Free quotations on request.

Aquadrone Scotland is a new enterprise that utilises the latest technology to bring easy solutions to potentially awkward problems. Boats and ships with suspected hull damage can be checked quickly and easily with the latest ROV equipment. Fishfarms and other sea-based structures can be inspected for damage and scheduled maintenance.
Both subsea and aerial views can be quickly recorded in high definition, viewed and downloaded to a USB stick.
Swimming and triathlon clubs can benefit from underwater footage that can be used for analysis of style and action

Depth not necessarily an issue

The light available for image capture decreases with depth. This sunken car is shot at 10m depth in an old quarry. The ROV is equipped with 4000 lumens LED lighting and has a range of 100m.

High definition

In shallower water the image is consistently crisp and high quality.


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